Which Crew Do You Belong To?

Rock Crews

If you are looking to get more involved in our church then crews are exactly what you are looking for. In our church, there are a lot of volunteers that help our church function properly. Those volunteers are a part of different crews that help serve! There are 14 different crews, and they are responsible for taking care of almost everything that takes place at our church.  There are crews that take care of stuff that happens occasionally like our Communion Crew or our Baptism Crew.
Plus, there are also crews that help every Sunday, such as the Nursery Crew or the Greeters Crew. There are crews for almost everything, and we are always looking for more people willing to serve in these crews. So, if you are interested in serving please check out the different crews. There are crews for everyone!

You can sign up to be a part of these crews at the bottom of the page!

Baptism Crew

The Baptism Crew is responsible for getting everything ready for Sundays that we hold Baptisms. We currently only do this a few times a year so there's not much to this crew, but it's still a great way to serve.

Communion Crew

Much like the Baptism Crew this Crew is responsible for setting up on special occasions. The special occasion in this case is the Sundays in which we do communion.  We only do communion a few times a year. but once again it is still a great way to serve.

Community Crew

The Community Crew is here to help the Church with anything that they need. They are also here to help anyone in the community who is in need. The Community Crew helps reach out and support those in our community who need any kind of help. The Community Crew is a great way to not only become further invested in our church, but it will also help you get more invested in our community!

Greeters Crew

The Greeters are the very first people you see when you walk into church. They are always there to greet you with a smile:)  The greeters come to church early on Sundays and make sure that everyone gets in safely. They also make sure that everyone is greeted with a friendly smile. as they enter the building.